What’s Your Love Story

Michael Patrick McKinley

Hello, Ambassadors of Love!

I'm Michael Patrick McKinley, Director-Producer of the 2017 documentary HAPPY. After two years of research and planning, I'm thrilled to officially launch the follow-up project, an exciting new documentary, LOVE STORIES.


LOVE STORIES will tell eight short stories, which will explore and celebrate the many ways we, as human beings, love one another...

There appears to be a disproportionate amount of discord, disconnect, and dis-ease in all corners of the globe. As a filmmaker, a storyteller, and a human being living on planet earth, I feel this project and others like it are the salve the world needs right now. My sincere hope is that we can raise enough money to begin filming in late August! Once principal photography begins, you'll be able to follow my filmmaking journey on this website.

Now that the limitations of the pandemic are easing, my team and I can make LOVE STORIES safely. With the nature of this project, there will never need to be more than 5 people on the set at any time, and the crew can be masked and distanced from the subjects if necessary.

As the scope of LOVE STORIES is considerably broader than that of HAPPY, honing the budget was no easy task! Your contributions will cover expenses beyond the technical crew. For example, while some parts will be filmed on a professional soundstage, others will require a extensive travel to capture...  from Las Vegas to Madrid!  In addition, this film is also expected to run a full 45 minutes longer than HAPPY, which means a longer shooting schedule, and all the daily expenses that go with it.

Since we're on the subject of my last film, if you haven't had the opportunity to see HAPPY, you can now stream it for free on Vimeo. Don't forget the popcorn!

How can you help me spread the love with LOVE STORIES?

First, let me be clear that a contribution of any dollar amount is helpful and greatly appreciated. That being said, HERE ARE YOUR CONTRIBUTION PERKS:



$25 – $950

You're a Sweetheart! Everyone involved with the production is incredibly grateful for your thoughtful contribution. Every dollar you help us raise will go directly toward getting our film made! As a result, you'll receive a highlighted Contributing Producer acknowledgement in the end credits!


Friends & Lovers

$1,000 – $9,500

This relationship is a major commitment!   To show just how much we appreciate your devotion, you're going to get the following:  A custom-designed "Producer's Hoodie", with the LOVE STORIES logo printed on the back, and your name embroidered on the front! You'll also receive a signed print of the final movie poster, a deluxe 2lb. package of assorted gourmet cookies, and a highlighted Contributing Producer acknowledgement in the film's end credits!


Ambassadors of Love

$10,000 – $45,000

You have a deep understanding of love, and you realize why this project is so important. You're investing your hard-earned dollars because you know  the world needs more LOVE right now! As a major player in this production, you'll receive an Executive Producer credit in the opening titles of the film. You'll also get an exclusive invitation for two, to a private, catered PRODUCERS & CREW ONLY screening of the finished film at No Studios in Milwaukee, before the premiere.  PLUS! You'll receive a gorgeous, custom-designed "Executive Producer" jacket- with the LOVE STORIES logo printed on the back, and your name underneath Executive Producer embroidered on the front, and a professionally framed copy of the final movie poster! And finally, you'll receive 2 LOVE STORIES coffee mugs, 2 lbs. of Valentine Coffee, and a deluxe 2 lb. package of assorted gourmet cookies!


Love Machines

$50,000 & Up

You want this movie made! So do we. If you'd like to become a primary backer of the film, you'll not only receive an Executive Producer credit and all the perks of the Ambassadors of Love, but you'll have a serious stake in the profits as well. Please message me privately to discuss the options.